Branding Questionnaire

Section 1: Basic Info

If there isn't a name yet, no sweat!
If there's more than one contact, please separate names with commas.

Section 2: Brand Values

Does it save your customers money? Is it of the highest quality in the market?
What are you trying to achieve, what are your expectations, etc.
Eg. establish an identity, improve perception, increase engagement, drive sales, other
Age group, cultural, local community, etc.

Section 3: Brand Attributes

Opposing Characteristics

Where does your brand fall?

Section 4: Abstract Values

Kind of random, but helpful!

Section 5: Design

See image below for examples.
See image below for examples.
Do you specifically want your design to include a bunny or a certain shade of yellow?
Do you want a balanced, clean look, or something more experimental and dynamic?
Logo types
Font types