Brand + Website Packages

Brand Identity

What's included:

Custom brand identity

The process:

The first and (probably) most important part of the process is the discovery phase. I’ll have you fill out the brand questionnaire to get a feel for your brand’s personality. If necessary, we will have a short Zoom meeting or phone call (30 minutes tops, I like to be considerate of everyone’s time) to hash out the details and make sure we’re on the same page. Then I’ll research your market and competitors. I’ll spend time perfecting a moodboard with my general direction for the brand.

This is where my good old pencil and paper come in handy. I’ll sketch out lots of ideas (some will be great and some will be blah, but that’s all part of the process). Once I’ve got a few that look promising, I’ll make them digital. My goal here is to make sure that the design is scalable and looks great in black and white. Then I’ll mess around with color and typography and make sure all the elements capture the brand style we envisioned in discovery. I’ll present you with three fully mocked up options so that you can get a true sense of each logo to help decide which direction will fit your brand.

Similar to the discovery phase, we’ll have a short Zoom meeting or phone call to discuss all of the options. We’ll narrow it down to one of the three options. I will do three additional revisions based on feedback from the original chosen design. This might include alternate font and color choices, or modifying design elements. 

After the final designs have been approved, I will package and send all the files your way. You’ll be loaded up with .jpg and .png files in separate folders that specify use for web versus print. Additional file types like .pdf, .eps or .ai will be available upon request. Then you’ll be ready to share your brand with the world! 

Website Design

What's included:

Custom Squarespace or WordPress Website Design

The process:

The first step is to figure out what you’re wanting your website to accomplish. Do you want a basic landing page with information about you/your business? Do you want consumers to contact you via a form or call you directly? Or something else entirely? I’ll have you fill out a website design brief where you can share all the details about your future site with me. Then I’ll research your market and competitors to make sure we’re covering everything you need.

I’ll have you submit all of your content for the site into a shared folder. Word documents with text for each page and all of the great quality photos you have (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!). I’ll organize all of that content and make sure your images are optimized for the web.

Next is the fun part – the design! If this is a redesign and your site is currently live with content, I’ll set up a test site on a subdomain so we don’t have to alter anything until it’s ready to launch. If it’s a completely new website on a brand new domain, we’ll put a temporary landing page that says “under construction” so that potential viewers don’t see anything until it’s ready to publish. I’ll get started on the layout for each page using the previously provided content from the brief plus the text and photo submissions. This is the most time consuming part of the process, as everything will be tested to make sure it looks great on a variety of devices – mobile, tablet and desktop. Once the design is done, I’ll share the site with you. I’ll have you go through each section of each page and make sure everything looks great. If any change needs to be made to the content or layout, this is the time to make them!

After everything has been approved, we’ll either copy the site from the test domain to the real domain or turn off the under construction landing page (depending on if your domain previously had content or not). Then we’ll celebrate because your site is ready to be viewed by the world!

Ready to craft the heart & soul of your business?

Having a brand & website that successfully communicates your business to your clients is essential in today’s world. Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the heart of your business. Your website is more than just a page, it’s the soul of your organization. Let’s craft the heart and soul for your small business with big ambitions!

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